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A natural growth of answering maintenance needs is the development of manufactures representatives dedicated to providing specific services to customers.


pHluorus® Inc. is searching for direct Manufacture Representatives since product demand has exceeded our ability to provide quality service.

F   R   E   E





;  PACKAGING                                 STRONGER HARDER CHEMICALLY

;  LITERATURE MAILINGS                           RESISTANT STATE.


100% TO 2000% NET INCOME

W E      P R O V I D E







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The advantage as a Manufactures Representative is that you pay nothing for product until the sale is made. We ship to your customer when you have paid for the product and standard UPS charges listed on their rate sheet. You then invoice your customer based on suggested manufactures prices.

EXAMPLE: Five gallons, at $9.41 per gallon, are ordered on the initial promotion. Your cost for 5 gallons is $24.83 which includes packaging costs. Your customer pays you $47.05. Your profit is $22.22. Same customer then orders 15 gallons for daily maintenance. Your cost $62.08. Since reorders are sold for $9.00 per gallon you receive $72.92 profit. All UPS charges added on the invoice go to you because you paid us in advance to ship.

All training for initial evaluation and reorders are at no cost. All MR licenses to sell under the Patent are at no cost. Direct closing assistance with 800 conferencing is at no charge. All exclusive prospect lists are at no cost.

You have exclusive rights to all residuals from your reordering customers.

You receive all moneys paid by your customer for product purchases.

The only outside cost to you is the cost of your telephone charges. Since long distance rates are at an all time low and getting lower ($.10) per minute and since the average time spent to close a sale with our "WORD FOR WORD APPROACH" is five (5) minutes your average outside cost per sales attempt should be $.50. An average closing ratio is 25% with training and closing assistance. Your only outside cost per sale then is $2.00 (one sold, three lost.) Your adjusted net profit then for initial promotion is $20.22 and $70.92 on reorders.

EXAMPLE: Ten sales per day is an average for full time marketing. Your net profit per sale is $20.22 for initial and since 50% of your initials reorder an average of 15 gallons your reorder sales per day on 10 initials a day is 5 reorders. 10 initials times $20.22 is $202.20. On the 5 reorders 5 times $70.92 is $354.60 or a sum total of net profit from initials and reorders of $556.80 per day. The total of your reorders per day times 5 days is 25 reorders per week. Half of 100 reorders per month (5 a day times 20 days) is 50 repeat reorders per month since they reorder every two months, or $3,546.00 net profit per month. Each month those figures are accumulative from the previous month. Daily initial sales are in addition to your monthly accumulative reorders. Net profit totals per month for reorders alone are $3,546.00 and is $7,092.00 next month and so on, so that within 6 months you are receiving $25,822.00 net profits per month from reorder business alone. Maximum yield of reorders will be realized if you follow as outlined in the "Servicing your accounts" publication. First reorder procedure "Word for Word reorder approach" is necessary to yield a 50% close from initials.

As purchased product volume increases, cost of product is retroactively reduced. This offsets lost reorder accounts through various uncontrollable causes. Realistically accumulative profit predictions are possible if all procedures are followed correctly.

Should your initial sale refuse to pay, corporate will credit that original pre-payment for new product towards another initial order. Reorders do not refuse to pay because reorders are not shipped for conditional approval or payment.


pHluorus has been marked tested through ten years of development. Management of pHluorus Inc. has been recognized as a leading expert in floor safety systems. The Patent grants founder of pHluorus Inc. 14 product and process issues for 17 years. Our Federally registered trademark name pHluorus® helps you develop good will in product development.

Copyrighted brochures, reports and literature are granted as a right to use and reproduce under the MR license agreement.

Selected "need to know" publications are enclosed including your MR agreement for review. Please read all documents thoroughly before signing!

Upon approval please sign the enclosed MR agreement and return to pHluorus® Inc. PO Box 787 Draper, UT 84020. Send all advance payments for shipping orders to that address using enclosed forms.

Remember your key to increased profits is service, service, service!

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phone tips

Demographic or geographic prospect lists supplied by corporate as granted in M.R. Agreement.


Sample of list

Word for Word Cold Call Contact ( direct or Phone* )

__________ I am a Manufactures Representative from a Company called pHluorus Traction Treatment. We have a revolutionary floor cleaner that cleans better than yours and it costs less. I'm sure you're always looking for a better way to do the job for less, am I right?

If you give me a chance I would like to clean (send sample*) to treat part of your floor so that you can see for yourself that it works better, alright?

All that I ask is that if it works better, that you give me a chance to beat your current cleaner price, alright?


___________? This is ____________ from pHluorus traction treatment. Could you do me a favor and check the liquid level in your transparent cleaner drum? I need to know the amount that you have used to date to determine if it is consistent with your square footage cleaned daily.

Our computer correlates square footage with liquid usage to prove your floor remains slip resistant so that if you have a slip\fall claim we can protect you with the legal affidavit. In this way you can't be charged with negligence in your maintenance procedures, OK?


(from exclusive prospect list)


Hello, could you give me the owners name?


________My name is __________and I am a Manufactures Representative from a Company called pHluorus, Inc._________ Could I ask you a simple question about your business? Do you have tile in your wet areas? Does the tile look as good as you would like? Is it slip resistant?  We have recently Patented a revolutionary floor cleaner that cleans better than yours and makes the floor slip resistant even when wet and costs no more that what you are spending now. 


__________We believe that owners must constantly be looking for a better way to get the job done for no more money, do you agree? What are you paying for your floor cleaner now?


Ours is $9.41 per gallon, however with the recent federal law called the Americans with Disabilities Act there is a slip-resistant guideline that can entitle you to 50% direct tax credit annually. That makes our cleaner $4.71 per gallon, sound better?__________I have a proposition for you. We would like to send you 5 gallons of our cleaner on the condition that if it does not make your floor much safer than it is now you do not have to pay for it. We will ship it out so that you will receive it UPS within 10 days to 2 weeks, with an invoice that is due net 30, with the slip resistant guarantee right on the invoice. All that I ask is that you apply the cleaner for the evaluation before the invoice is due. If it does not work, tear up the invoice, OK? Do you have any questions? What address do you want the cleaner shipped to?


Don't be alarmed when you see the corrosive label on the box, it is less than 3% acidic, which is less acid than is in a can of Coca-Cola, and by law we have to put the corrosive label on the box. 


The freight charges are added to the first invoice, however for the on going cleaner we reduce the price of the product to cover the shipping charges. 




The key to maximum profits starts when your first pick up the phone to call a prospect. It is the respect you earn as an expert safety consultant. You have an amazing offer. You are going to give Mr. Businessman a risk free exciting idea.  Projects prove it is the most innovative approach yet to his number one nightmare, slip fall accidents. His number one expense is workers comp insurance. 

An idea that will, if presented properly, overwhelm him with its simplicity. An idea that he can put to the test without risk. An idea that can solve the lingering threat of potentially closing him down because of overwhelming insurance expenses. 

That responsibility as you pick up the phone should be respected and the power you have to save his employees from painful debilitating back and leg injuries most common in slip fall catastrophes. Living with a painful back injury is a living hell of constant proportion. You can prove that you have reduced slip fall accidents by 80 to 90 percent. 

The beginning phone call is easy, the ongoing effort to see that the product is used properly for continuing safety is where the money is. You have owners and managers that are lulled into a sense of false safety because the floor becomes instantly safe. Continuing safety will only be accomplished if you can convince Mr. Businessman that safety is an ongoing task that can only be accomplished if he uses diligently the same product that got it that way to keep it that way. His old cleaner or ones that are presented to him by chemical salesmen, should be thrown out the window because of their inherent danger. They caused the problem in the first place. That must be your constant reminder to them. Remember, you are the only patented slip resistant cleaner on the market. The only one that has been officially certified by an agency of the United States that works. 

Convince him that his worst enemy is lack of due diligence. Lets face the reality that Mr. Businessman has too many responsibilities. He does not want to be reminded that his priorities sometimes become confused. If you convince him that you will be his watch dog on this one not only as to cost but as to correct application by his floor cleaning people, he will reward you with continued loyalty. 

To assist you, customer history reports are supplied by corporate and will allow you to monitor usage based on computer checked gallons used ratio to square footage cleaned. If the numbers don't add up you must find out why. Your profits depend on it. Too much or too little usage means he can't afford it or the floor is getting slippery again. If the floor is getting slippery again you can recommend initially treating the floor with undiluted product. If too much is being used, Mr. Businessman will stop buying and for sure the floor will never be safe again. Cost caps are in order with the understanding from Mr. Businessman that if you recommend a frugal cleaning method, he will back you up and give you eminent domain over his floor. Why not?, he has nothing to lose but a dangerous floor.

Hello, My name is Gary Holt. I am the CEO of a company named pHluorus Inc. I would like to offer you the opportunity to own and operate your own business. We are expanding the distribution of our product. If you are happy in your current profession and have no desire to build your own business, this is not for you. However, if you would like more out of life; if you are tired of working for somebody else; if you believe that you have what it takes to be successful if given the opportunity; then we may be able to help each other out.

First let me tell you what I am offering. If you qualify, I will give you everything you need to start your business: training literature, a training video, mailing and contact lists, and exclusive rights to your area. There will be no more than 400 Manufacture Representatives in the entire country! I will give you assistance and support in your business efforts. Let me add this is NOT multi-level marketing. You will NEVER have to carry an inventory of our product. You start up cost is $0. Accounts that you set up will bring in residual income for years to come. Because you will not carry this product, you can operate the business from your home.

Earlier I said "if you qualify." I am not interested in everybody. I have no use for unmotivated and unreliable people. Because the expansion is limited, I can be selective. I will only meet my goals if you are successful. I guarantee that you can reach a financially secure level of income, that you can have the things in life you desire. It all depends on you.

95% of our product is consumed by industry in a commercial market, although it does have residential applications as well. What I am saying is that you will not be asked to sell to your friends and relatives. As I mentioned, I will give you the business names and contacts, and I will show you how to approach them. Our marketing techniques work. They have been proven; you need only implement them. I give you my personal assurance that pHlourus Inc. will be there every step of the way to ensure that you succeed, because that is how we succeed!

I wish that I could tell you every little detail but I cannot at this time. Understandably, if I am only going to carry a maximum of 400 Manufacture Representatives, it would not be prudent or cost effective to send complete information to everybody.

If you are interested, please write or call me at the local number or the toll-free number above. I will answer all of your questions, and we can discuss this opportunity in further detail.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Holt, CEO

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