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Aside from adding water to basic phluorus for correct dilution ratios for resale, we suggest certain basics in the marketing process. Results of a survey conducted by Alverno College, Applied Research center, indicate that the most valuable source of information for marketing products by distributors rest with the manufacture. With this knowledge we invite you to consider the one on one contact through E-mail or 800-SAV-SLIP most productive. Other forms of written marketing material should be refereed to our E-mail System as ( Excellence in Industry, Scientific Research and Development World Wide Market tested. Formulators on call World Wide.)



ONE basic solution to make your own complete line of high-profit high-tech maintenance products.


The use of the pHluorus System will put your customers at ease for many reasons. We have listed many of them below.

1. pHluorus is a system, not just a chemical product. As s chemical cleaner it would be difficult to find something better. However, the greatest advantage is the system of support and customizing the use of pHluorus to your customers. For example, you will test, use, or demonstrate pHluorus for your customer, train his staff on proper cleaning techniques and floor safety, test and document the slipperiness (coefficient of friction) at regular intervals to provide data to support their commitment to meet safety guidelines.

2. Reduction in Worker's compensation insurance rate and claims. Most cleaners alone don't provide the safety of the pHluorus System. The documented proof and affidavits will save your customers money. (See the McDonald's Story)

3. The pHluorus System will often allow your customers to replace several chemical products with just one, thus saving time and money. Your customers will often be using a degreaser, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Often pHluorus replaces all three, plus it will preserve and restore the surface.

4. The fluorination of the treated surfaces will make the floors last longer and restrict microbial growth. Restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes will find this extremely useful. (As well as will, health clubs, gyms, fitness centers, and all locker rooms)

5. The system provides for use of control of product reducing cost.

6. Cleaning time is generally cut by 1/3 to  on a daily basis generating additional savings, you will also train their crew in effective cleaning techniques.

For more specific details about these advantages refer to the technical support material in the back of the manual. The technical sections on each surface will give you the specific technical reasons for the competitive advantage of the pHluorus System over the common cleaners now in use.

Excellence in Industry


To order entire 53 page operational training manual with videos click here.

The following recommended procedures will aid in the marketing of the pHluorus System. Realizing the great complexities and capabilities of the Licensed participant of the pHluorus System, it may be that you have techniques that can short cut or make unnecessary some of the recommended procedures.

It is also with this acknowledgement that we suggest certain basics in the marketing process. Results of a survey conducted by Alverno College, Applied Research Center, indicate that the most valuable source of information for marketing products by distributors rests with the Manufacturer. With this knowledge we consider one-on-one contact, at least through our 800 TAX SLIP number, most productive. Other forms of marketing knowledge is included for your consideration where it may be useful.

The Slip/Safe Professional Services section (tier levels) specified on the back of our (Full Color) brochure, will provide you with all the "scientific proof" necessary to accomplish the sale; an 80% close ratio is common. Fluorination, restoration, and slip resistant processes are all explained with scientific excellence. The "Training Manual" and marketing material is enclosed in your "Market Tested Introduction Kit". Direct telephone techniques achieve a high degree of success when followed with a demonstration. "Proof' (through the demonstration) is effortless when procedures, described in your training manual, are followed. The pHluorus concept is accepted when the prospect realizes that the pHluorus System accomplishes "total control" over slip/fall and cleaning problems. PHluorus does not sell itself! The pHluorus sale is not totally complete until the "consultation service" is thoroughly understood by the first time customer. The prospect must understand that a constant high coefficient of friction is generated only through the pHluorus System. Reintroduction of conventional cleaners will reverse a safe condition. Acceptance of that concept (choice of cleaner controls, a safe condition) is critical.

Converted as long time users, customers become effective "Safety Sentinels" by participating in a monitored (computerized) cleaning routine. When a prospect understands that they can be effectively transformed into "Safety Sentinels" (with insurance breaks) you have a customer forever. Basic pHluorus, when converted through water dilution to replace the most widely used (top twenty) chemical products, is an environmentally superior concept. The concept, "degenegradeable", is the ultimate solution for our eco-system. Far superior to "biodegradable". Sell the concept as the cutting edge of eco-technology. Use of the product is then upgraded to a concept rather than just a task. PHluorus "Safe cleaning", a total environment concept, focus on the concept

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