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Thank you for expressing an interest in being a Manufacture Representative for PHLOURUS Inc. Let me give you some background on who we are and how we came to be. Fifteen years ago Gary Holt, who was working in advertising, came to recognize a need. Slip/fall claims in the U.S. were rising at phenomenal rates. It was costing America billions of dollars a year on insurance claims and lost wages. If this problem could be solved it would present a tremendous opportunity to the one who solved it. Less people would experience debilitating injuries and businesses could save money on outrageous insurance bills. Gary, an expert in the field, created a chemical mixture which not only cleans the floor, kills bacteria and spores, and removes soap and cleaner buildup, but it also leaves a micro-etch on the surface to render it slip resistant even when wet!

How important was this discovery? The U.S. patent office only issues three or four patents on chemical mixtures a year. If you were to go to a grocery store and check the labels of all the cleaners they carry it is unlikely that you would find any product that is patented. Of over one hundred thousand companies involved in producing chemical products only three or four patents are awarded each year! Why is it so difficult to get a patent? Because you must prove two very important things to receive one. First you must prove that your chemical mixture is unique; that it was designed with a purpose and that it is not something that just anybody with a knowledge of chemicals could reason out or stumble on to. Second you must prove that the chemical performs a specific function. It must do what other chemical mixtures do not. It must be truly unique in the job it performs. That is phluorus.

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