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As mentioned previously there are two primary methods which we have proved to be effective in selling our product. In using either of the two methods it is extremely important that you speak with the person who has the authority to authorize a purchase. Do not waste time talking to anybody else. This may sound extreme but you can run into payment problems if product is ordered by anybody else. Do not leave messages, they are a waste of time.

You are not a salespersonYou are a Safety Consultant representing pHlourus Inc. What you offer can save your client thousands of dollars a year in reduced insurance premiums and workers compensation. It also provides a more efficient and safe working environment for their employees. And as an added benefit it will make their floors cleaner then they have been since they were new. Believe it, express it, demonstrate it!

You provide a solution to a problem that has plagued your client since he or she opened their doors. Do not be afraid to make initial contacts, clients will thank you for making their lives better but they need to experience it first. Have confidence in the fact that the product you offer works and is appreciated greatly by those who use it.

The key is getting your foot in the door. Many people find it easier to make their initial approaches over the telephone, this tends to be less intimidating.. We have found that when using the word for word script provided 1 in 4 business owners accept our offer, 50% of those will become permanent clients. Because of the low cost of long-distance telephoning (10 to 12 cents per minute) this becomes an efficient and cost effective way to reach hundreds of potential clients. The average call lasts 5 minutes so it is easy to see how quickly the numbers add up in your favor when you look at the cost sheet provided later.

When you feel comfortable with your pitch you should expand your business by contacting local proprietors. Our experience is that 8 out of 10 owners when contacted in person and given a correct pitch and demonstration will become permanent customers. This presents enormous opportunity!

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