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There are two primary methods of selling pHlourus. In person prospecting, and telemarketing. Both have proven to be effective but the method you choose will depend on your abilities and preferences. We recommend that you try both to see which works best for you. The first thing you need to know is how to apply the product.

All containers are provided with a label which gives instructions for use. We also send with each variable gallon drum a wall chart with simple illustrations to be mounted above the drum. However you will still occasionally need to explain how to apply the cleaner. For initial application the procedure is as follows: First sweep the floor clear of any debris. Second pre-wet the floor, using a hose when available. Third mop apply the concentrate amply. Note that it must be spread evenly about the floor immediately after putting it down. Fourth use a bristle broom to brush vigorously, paying special attention to problem areas. Fifth pressure rinse using a generous amount of water, again use a hose when possible. Sixth using a bristle broom brush vigorously. Seventh rinse again. Eighth squeegee the floor. For the daily application the procedure is as follows: First dilute the concentrate with water at a ratio of 1:6. Second sweep floor clear of debris. Third apply the mixture amply to the floor. Fourth using a mop or bristle broom spread over the surface of the floor. Fifth rinse using a generous amount of water, use a hose when possible. Sixth squeegee the floor.

These procedures are similar to the procedures already being used by most businesses that clean their floor as a part of their regular routine. The initial application is slightly more intensive than their usual routine, however it only needs to be performed once if they continue to use pHlourus in their daily cleanings. It does replace their current cleaner, they do not need to use both.

You need to be able to explain to your potential clients that part of the reason that they have a problem with their floors being slippery is that traditional cleaners leave a residue which builds up and masks the floors innate ability to be slip resistant. Phlourus strips the floor of that residue and creates a micro-etch which is essentially a grated surface on the microscopic level. This micro-etch is permanent but can be worn down or covered up with conventional cleaners, so it is important that your clients use our product on a regular basis.


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