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Market Share Method

The bottom line.

Do you have the time to do the things that you like to do? Are you getting paid what you're worth? Are you satisfied? Do you jump out of bed and look forward to going to work? Are you confined to moving up the ladder one step at a time on your employer's schedule, getting small bonuses or pay increases each time you show incentive? It could take years before you'll be earning the kind of money you want and need. If any of this sounds all too familiar to you, we invite you to read on about a man with a plan to end all that for you. To order entire business training manual including three year performa click here.


The plan started in 1986. A Company called SLIP/SAFE was founded by Gary Holt. Gary had a background in direct sales and owned an advertising agency in southern California. The agency was under contract to develop a marketing plan for a man who had owned a janitorial firm. He had discovered acids, when applied to commercial kitchens, made the task of cleaning floors safer for his employees. As with any new chemically oriented industry, there were problems with the formula, process and marketing. In this case, truthful marketing. The primary problem, Gary discovered, was that the chemical etch would over treat the tile so drastically that the recommended degreaser would not keep the floor clean or if clean, not working. This resulted in the floor becoming slippery again, within a few months. Complaints were not confined to the primary problem, since the appearance level of the tile was significantly lowered. By chance, legal complaints filed against the mans' company were obtained and it was apparent to Gary, after an investigation, that an effective marketing plan could not be projected. From that experience, Gary gained much knowledge about what did not work. There are companies today that basically apply the same destructive chemical level and recommend the same ineffective degreaser. Because of catastrophic insurance costs, desperate people pay unreasonable fees to these companies.  In the beginning, Gary decided to take on the challenge; permanently reduce slip/fall injuries by at least 80% through the development of a new formula and process that works.  It would be a rewarding challenge, since if successful, the number one non-vehicular cause of accidental death would be neutralized, one-hundred billion dollars a year of losses would be significantly reversed, and literally millions of people would be spared from a lifetime of painful, debilitating injuries. An alarming fact; no slip safe solution existed, the consequences, deadly. A resolution to the problem would create a huge new market. The Slip/Safe Company was formed.

Gary decided to move out of the complaint ridden territory and start his plan. He decided that such an important project, to be comprehensive, should take at least five years to complete. The world-wide distribution, if successful, could come later. What Gary did not realize, at the time, was that after finding the perfect complaint proof formula, he would have a very effective basic compound, superior to, and therefore effectively competing with at least ten separate sanitary functions. Honestly looking for a new market had resulted in effectively developing a compound that could gouge huge market shares out of the existing, most profitable segment of the entire cleaning chemical business. Simply taking re-orders is a low stress task that will not require high-pressure tactics to make a very comfortable living in this business. Gary's first day in business resulted in a net profit of over $1,800.00. Business referrals alone, often resulted in several jobs a day. By the end of his second year in the business, he received a $120,000.00 order from one single customer, prepaid before delivery.

Today, with the help of several professional scientists, more market share has resulted. A market because 'BACTERIOFRENIC' qualities result on treated surfaces.BACTERIOFRENIC is a condition whereby the surface itself resists the growth of micro-organisms and fungi. In addition, pHluorus, approved for disposal down the sewer systems of one of the toughest waste water control districts in the nation (San Diego) will effectively reverse the role conventional cleaners play in promoting biological contamination. A growing concern from public health minded citizens when considering conventionally composed alternative cleaners. Imagine, one basic compound that need be only diluted with water to perform several superior chemical functions. A truly safe cleaner pHluorus has become the world's first, multi-purpose, continual traction, restorative and bacteriofrenic agent.

Success at developing the only effective slip-resistant cleaner resulted in responses from customers insurance companies writing, "no slip/fall claims for years". The large chemical companies had to compete. Fortunately they feared and or did not understand the unparalleled effectiveness and unmeasurable importance of the negative fluorine ion factor. It took first hand experience with the stuff, literally wading in it and selling it to industries employing not too careful teenagers, to realize it was not a user unfriendly chemical. A governmental agency report, unknown to the competition, had already given approval for the products use as a safe cleaning chemical. It was now time to start the patent process so that the competition, who wouldn't use it, couldn't use it. The problem with the other cleaners, Gary discovered, is that the other cleaners are the problem. Bad news for user pedestrians. A problem before or after an etch treatment. A fact recently proven in our laboratory and by the world's largest fast food chain system. The corporate fast food sponsored a campaign, which resulted in hundreds of restaurants floors being etched, only to find that their slip fall loss reversals were short lived, this, while using the most up to date non-fluorine based, so called, "slip resistant" cleaner. When recommended degreasers were used, the results were even worse. Slip/fall loss reversals were permanent with pHluorus users.

New Markets:

Upon application of pHluorus, it was scientifically proven that a new generated surface (calcium fluoride) occurs on cement/grout. Another, entirely new, enormous, never before realized market has materialized. Imagine, from an ecologically friendly cleaning process, a solution that will significantly increase the duration of most hard mineral surfaces. An increase because said surfaces can resist micro organism intrusion, acid rain, and water abrasion. This, with no decrease in flexural or compressive strength. Creating pre-tension qualities, the compound can be applied on highways, sidewalks, parking centers, and building structures to name a few. What will such a compound be worth in the building/construction industry? What will the resulting bacteriofrenic quality be worth to hospitals and facilities where hard to control biological contamination is a public health concern? What role will pHluorus play in the industries future insurance requirements? Slip/Safe distributors are finding out that profits are immense.

Gary has developed a successful, proven sales and service approach through years of direct `on hands' experience. Belief is important, it's the first step. But you've got to have support. Someone who can show you how to do it. A successful method. Gary has done it! He can show you the way to achieve freedom and financial independence, the SLIP/SAFE way!


"In the spirit of the doctrine of due diligence"

We believe that to raise public health standards, extensive research and development must precede the marketing of a chemical product. Biological and physical danger present as slippery, contaminated surfaces, is too often caused by the cleaner in use. We believe that we must aid in educating the public to use proper, efficient cleaners. We believe that our product and services to be so essential to the maintenance of a high level of public health and welfare that we pledge ourselves to represent only a slip-resistant, bacteriofrenic product line. We therefore have created one that will comply with the new safety standard with 20 separate uses. The information on the pHluorus Continual Traction Treatment is enclosed with that objective in mind. The instruction Series 1000 describes in detail practical application procedures at the user friendly level. The information Series 2000 is a compilation of vital details necessary to fully implement the pHluorus Safety System. The Report Series 3000 are documents of a scientific nature to substantiate all claims in the 1000 series tier level.

Many individuals contributed to the preparation of the tier levels. First, we would like to thank the Distinguished Professor, Robert W. Parry, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Utah. Dr. Parry's discoveries, as Chief Consultant, resulted from years of empirical observations. Collaborators of researchers include, but are not limited to:

Irina M. Curelaru-Nelson, Ph.D., Technical Physics, Ceramic Chemist, Nuclear Physicist, Chalmer

University of Technology, Gothenburg.

Burden C. Musgrave, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Francois Cheong-Sait-Moy, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Structural Engineering, California State

University, Sacramento, CA.

Chief Counsel, Affidavit research, Sullivan Roche and Johnson, San Francisco, CA.

O. James Pardau, Geologist, Environmental Management Consultant, key roll in Federal Resource

Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Kevin Greenwood, Chemist, University of Utah.

Nancy Eastes, Industrial Hygienist, State of Utah, Industrial Commission.

Leo Ferroni, Lab Technician, State of California, Department of Transportation Division of

Facilities Construction Transportation Laboratory, Rigid Pavement Branch, Sacramento, CA.

Ernest Ferrer, Senior Industrial Waste Control Technician, Department of Public Works,

San Diego, CA.

Thanks to their contributions, the creation of the pHluorus Safety Standard is a discovery of great importance. The invention produces, besides slip-resistant qualities, the fluorination of most hard structural materials such as cement, granite, tile or marble, an important break-through in preserving said materials. The microbiofrenic nature of such a surface is so important that non-fluorinated surfaces in rest rooms, kitchens, pools, etc., were until now, serious unresolved health problems. All research has been performed with "due diligence" in your behalf.

Gary Holt, January 1991


Basic Unit:


The undiluted pHluorus product, as one unit, is one gallon of pHluorus undiluted. One basic unit (when water is added) will make six gallons of pHluorus cleaner concentrate, two gallons of tub etch, one gallon of concrete etch, eight gallons of glazed tile etch, five gallons of unglazed tile etch, fifty-five gallons of washroom ready mix, twenty-four gallons of carpet cleaner, and fifty-five gallons of glass cleaner. All cleaners (except washroom, carpet or glass) are diluted further through an adjustable automatic proportioning unit or manually. Profits are created by purchasing basic units and diluting with water to sell or service at a marketable price. Suggested net cleaner product profit percentages are approximately 200%, divided between PROTECTED TERRITORY BASIC UNIT DISTRIBUTOR, BASIC UNIT DISTRIBUTOR and INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. Up to 5000% for initial treatment and some cleaner functions.




The total treatable square footage is defined as all proposed surfaces initially traction treated or restored and/or periodically cleaned. Example: The following figures were derived from a market survey completed by Bruce Calahan, for the Ceramic Tile Institute in October of 1988. The figures represent the amount of square footage of tile (all types) sold along the Wasatch Front of Utah. We have found that this area, historically, experiences less growth than others therefore statistics from such a territory would not be disproportionate to an average in your chosen territory. The Wasatch Front area would represent an area with a population of 500,000 people. The square footage of tile was concluded by taking the amount of gross dollar sales by outlets along the Wasatch Front and dividing them by $1.50, which is the average cost of tile per square foot. The figures are the best estimates available at this time. The following factors need to be considered:


    A. The figures represent only tile sales along the Wasatch Front.


    B. No figures were available to establish the square footage of tile installed prior to 1988, however, prior construction levels in your area can produce reliable estimates.


    C. Figures do include all residential and Commercial masonry, mortar, tub/shower, tile or stone horizontal/vertical interior and exterior surfaces.


    Total tile square footage sold in 1988..........................................................................................10,333,000

    Estimated Square footage for 1989...............................................................................................No Change

    Estimated monthly sale of tile..................................................................................................860,000

    Estimated increase/decrease to 1991.............................................................................................+7%


    Present base for tile treatment since 1988......................................................................................    84,000,000

    Estimated base for masonry treatment 1991.......................................................................................   978,000,000

    Vertical/washroom cleaning/carpet exec..........................................................................................   756,000,000

Existing treatable before 1988..................................................................................................687,849,000,000

    Total treatable surfaces per 500,000 population...............................................................................696,647,000,000

Profit Projections from suggested retail prices


There are six-tenths of a bathtub/shower for every person in America. About 20% of bathtubs are fiberglass or plastic, which cannot be treated but can be cleaned most efficiently. Therefore, for every two people in America there is one treatable bathtub or shower and more for cleaner. As an example, a population of 500,000 people will contain 250,000 treatable bathtubs/showers and more cleanable ones.   One gallon of pHluorus will treat 120 tub/showers. One gallon of pHluorus will clean 7,500 square feet of horizontal surface and 5,000 square feet of vertical surface, except washroom ready-mix. One gallon of washroom ready-mix will clean 120 rooms for 1 day. Initial micro-etch has found an acceptable demand level of $.50 per square foot and commercial bathtub/showers @ $12.95 per unit, $47.17 for residential. Vertical/horizontal cleaning has found an acceptable demand level of $ 00.001096 per square foot per cleaning. Horizontal friction treatment for pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas represent 25% of the total existing treatable surface or 174,161,750,000 square feet. Treating 1% of the total non-tub market, semi-annually, represents *174,161,750 horizontal square feet. Two percent of the market share per year is feasible or 348,323,500 square feet. Although the more expensive initial micro-etch/restorative is a one-time application, the less expensive but repetitive cleaner is a daily use product in an estimated 5% of the customer base areas (commercial kitchens, washrooms, pools, etc.) and once a week for customer base residential areas.


GROSS PROFIT EXAMPLE FOR BASIC UNIT DISTRIBUTOR (most established , obtainable cash flow market base)


If horizontal periodic cleaning is 5% of the total horizontal treatable or 87,080,000 square feet, within six months it is feasible to control 1% of that market share. At $00.001096 gross profit per square foot, the total daily gross profit would be $9,544.06. Within a year, a projected 2% control of the market share would be a daily gross profit of $19,088.12. New and established non-periodic horizontal/vertical markets would add to this total proportionately. Initial treatment fees add significantly to monthly profits.




Protected Territory Basic Unit Distributor: (2,500,000 population)


This distributor has no license fee however an initial purchase of enough basic units to supply five Basic Unit Distributors for one month is required. After six months, a negotiated basic unit total must have been purchased. Within a year another negotiated total and a 7% increase per year thereafter for 5 years. This distributor solicits and sales treatable installations to the national commercial trade (through trade shows, national corporations etc.). Appointing and training basic unit distributors is a primary responsibility. Five basic unit distributors must be appointed within one year. Failure to purchase or perform as agreed will result in loss of protected status.


Basic Unit Distributor: (500,000,000 population)


Protected territory basic unit distributor may charge a license fee to this distributor. Slip Safe Inc. shall limit the appointment of basic unit distributors in a defined geographic area. When the total of all basic unit distributors and their appointed Independent Contractors in that area are achieving a combined market penetration of 1% of the total treatable market, monthly, no new basic unit distributors will be licensed. Distributor responsibilities are:

    1. To appoint and train Slip Safe Independent Contractors for sales and installations.

    2. To inventory Slip Safe pHluorus for resale to Independent Contractors.

    3. To solicit and sell treatable installations to the territorial commercial trade.

    4. To assist in servicing national accounts in the territory.

Independent Contractors:


Slip Safe Inc. has developed numerous methods by which pHluorus can be marketed. A sale is usually created once the prospect learns about the effectiveness of the product and the dramatic change in appearance. Seeing is believing. For this reason an independent contractor should be able to average at least five demonstrations a day. In every community there exists a large group of self-employed, part-time people who have been trained in selling techniques. Many are females whose earnings are keyed to results from the sale of a product or service which brings them into the home. These individuals have an existing customer base and they are interested in handling additional products which are profitable and which complement their existing services. Many of these entrepreneurs can be located in the Yellow Pages, others can be attracted by placing adds in the Part-Time Classifieds. When they learn that they can earn $14.14 (residential tub/shower) for five minutes of easy labor, doing meaningful, constructive work, they become excited. Selling one kitchen a week earns them an additional $450.00. This is serious money for part-time work. Full time dealers earn substantially more.




We believe that to raise public health standards, extensive research and development must precede the marketing of a cleaner product. Biological and physical danger present as slippery, contaminated surfaces, is too often caused by the cleaner in use. We believe that we must aid in educating the public to use proper, effective cleaners. We believe that our product and services to be so essential to the maintenance of a high level of public health and welfare that we pledge ourselves to represent only a slip-resistant, bacteriofrenic chemical agent.

The Bottom Line


The following information will provide you with vital instructions necessary to implement the "pHluorus System". Whether you intend to market the system as one of your premium products or your only product, the same process is necessary to obtain maximum sales and reorder potential.

The objective of this material is to enable you to manage your customers in such a manner as to maintain, through a well-trained market representative, all activities so that maximum profits can be achieved. The customer service system is the key.

This key has been designed as a carefully coordinated computerized program. The "program" is totally capable of reporting your sales activities, customer service, Marketing Plan activities, and all other aspects of your operation. Accurate projections can be achieved through this "Total Manager" system. Your first task is to master the system.

You may already have a business system in place. The "Total Manager" system is designed to become perfectly compatible with all systems or as an upgrade to existing systems. Where no system exists, the adoption of this system is vital to the success of your operation.

The full potential of the operation is so realized only when you can "program" your customers to understand the program. The unique feature of this product is that it has a built in re-education system of unparalleled effectiveness for re-orders, the key to profits. Slip/Safe, Inc. has developed a built in motive for the customer to re-order. If they do not, the original advantage (deglazing the surface) will be lost by the alternative re-application of other chemical products. Only pHluorus cleaner will maintain the original high coefficient of friction (opposite of slipperiness). Tests prove it.

Through a carefully tested process, you can guarantee maximum return from a customer's investment. A monitored cleaning procedure so advanced that a LIFETIME guarantee is in place and more. An affidavit of probative value: defense against lawsuits so commonly evolving from other maintenance systems. The key is in the system. The "pHluorus System" is your best business system. The "pHluorus System" will enable you to obtain long term contracts with customers, making the task of expanding an account base easy. No lost accounts because what you had to offer was not a "dimes worth of difference" from all other chemicals.

Our business training coordinator will put all the pieces together for you once tier 4010 (License Agreement) has been completed. On-going support is designed automatically "in the System"! A correct business relationship is assured when the license agreement is understood and in place. If you can live with the terms of the contract, the pHluorus System will be instrumental in maintaining a higher level of public health and welfare through your diligent efforts. The rewards are immesurable.

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