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PHLuorus has met with tremendous success. Our company ships product throughout the United States and even around the world. We have received national endorsements and maintain working relationships with thousands of businesses. So what is the problem? We have the ability to produce and ship hundreds of times more product than we do now, and there are over ten million businesses in America that can use our product, and that is not even factoring in its residential applications. Our solution to the problem is to offer the opportunity for 400 people to participate in the growth and profit of our company. Because of the nature of our product and its use, relationships need to be formed and maintained with our clients, that is why we need you. We do not make money on anything but the sale of pHluorus. Ours is a win/win opportunity so we will give you everything you need to start and operate your business. Once you have established a relationship with a client you need only maintain that relationship with a minimal amount of time to receive residual income for years to come.

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Our permanent floor safety systems track record includes but is not limited to over 3,000,000 successful applications endorsed by national insurance groups, endorsed by major tile manufactures and sole source vendor for all governmental agencies.
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