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"I am writing to request more of the product, Slip Safe, Which you found to clean the outside tile. It has done an excellent job, not only cleaning the outside tile but also cleaning the garage elevator tile and the garage parking space concrete. We compared an area on the Embarcadero center #4 bridge to the rest of the bridge tile, which we used Sur-Trac and found the Slip Safe to the perform much better.

I feel regular use of this product will enhance the look of the outside tile.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.

Safety Under Foot OR Floor Borne Danger? 

 By Gary Holt

( As written in major national magazine which resulted in several large chemical companies canceling their claims that their floor cleaners where slip resistant.)

  Legal liability for slippery floors involves you if you buy, or resell for use, cleaning products which cause slippery surfaces. Most floor cleaning chemicals do nothing to eradicate the dangerous conditions graphically displayed in the following diagrams (including most hard mineral surfaces). 
Proof of knowledge a product will reduce the threat, increases liability: If you check it out and it works, and you don't use it, your risks increase substantially! However, the simple fact of a company claiming its product produces  slip-resistance  cannot be used as a defense against a slip/fall suit.

The reseller or end user must prove "reasonable care" was used, when determining the validity of such claims. Remember, using floor cleaners you know have no slip-resistant qualities, or even should have known, could make you liable for punitive damages also. In several states, you cannot obtain insurance to protect against punitive damages which frequently arise in slip/fall cases.

Alarming statistics, obtained from the National Safety Council, U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Department Of Health And Human Services, allow courts to identify slip/fall accidents as the number one non-vehicular cause of accidental death. One hundred billion dollars per year is spent on the survivors. Worker's compensation claims are at an all time high. Juries award 300% more $1,000,000+ damage claims than just a few years ago. 1,600,000 people are permanently disabled each year, from slip/fall accidents. Ironically, most chemical companies blame cleaning procedures for coefficient of friction (COF) failure, rather than the cleaning product, in an attempt to avoid liability.

Obtain Proof Of Product Effectiveness
Make them prove their product works! Demand original documentation, with real figures, through surveys conducted by Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims Agents, certifying the use of the product has significantly reduced slip/fall claims. If they don't have it, don't buy it. You may be paying for a lot more than just the cost of the chemical!
Require an affidavit, testifying the product does in fact increase COF (opposite of slipperiness) and, more importantly, when used as directed on a daily basis, adequate slip-resistance will be produced. If they will not supply such safeguards and independently certified tests, be wary.

Demand documentation, under reasonable cleaning procedures, a product delivers a specific COF, as considered by experts to be of probative value, when used as a defense against negligence claims. Require extensive documentation the product delivered acceptable COF, on a variety of surfaces, reporting the types of surfaces, "time" tested. Then you will have something to defend yourself with in court.

Gary Holt  is president of pHluorus Inc. Included are excerpts from a memorandum, submitted to all members of the Safety Committee of the American Hotel and Motel Association, Washington, DC, from a seminar requested by that organization through it's legal council, Sullivan, Roche, and Johnson, San Francisco CA. Additional research was performed by the same legal firm.


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