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From an OSHA agency: Neil Anderson, Safety and Health Manager, State of Utah

"To David Higby, Chief Risk Loss Consultant; Nancy Eastes visited Marie Calendar's Restaurant in Midvale, Utah at your request where individuals were applying the Germ Guard 24hrs. At 40:1 and 4:1 dilution ratios. Personal air samples were taken using MSA flowlite pumps 200cc per minute and orbo-53 absorption tubes. Results were well below the acceptable level for hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid."


First we would like to thank the Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, "Robert W. Parry," Chief Consultant for the Slip Safe Solutions Project. Professor Parry is the Past President of the American Chemical Society and under NASA, Dr. Fletchers
Primary consultant for the HF Factor in solid rocket propellants. The HF factor in the Slip Safe Solutions formula was developed by a highly qualified scientist.

Additional world class contributors are:

Irena M. Curelaru-Nelson Ph. D: Technical Physics, Ceramic Chemist, Nuclear Physicist, Chalmer University of Technology, Gothenburg.

Burden C. Musgrave, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

François Cheong-Sait-Moy, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Structural Engineering,, California State University, Sacramento, California.

Jerald D. Nelson Ph.D., Economics, University of North Carolina.

Chief Counsel, Affidavit research, Sullivan Roche and Johnson, San Francisco, California

O. James Pardeau, Geologist, Environmental Management Consultant, key roll the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Nancy Eastes, Industrial Hygienist, State of Utah, Industrial Commission

Leo Ferroni, Lab Technician, State of California, Department of Transportation Division of Facilities Construction Transportation Laboratory, Rigid Pavement Branch, Sacramento, California
Ernest Ferrer. Senior Industrial Waste Control Technician, Department of Public Works, San Diego, California.




United States Patent 5,223,168 HOLT



"An acid-based cleaner and related methods, for cleaning and treating tile, limestone-based cement and concrete and similar surfaces to maintain a slip-resistant surface, and to harden and strengthen the grout or cement and make it more resistant to penetration by salt or other dexterous chemicals. The cleaner comprises an aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and a surface active or wetting agent. Also the invention, upon application to the surface, creates a microbe-free surface as required in hospitals, laboratories, and the like."

Current U.S.Class; 510/238; 138; 134/39; 134/40; 134/41; 510/108; 510/240
510/383; 510/405
Intern'l class:C11D 007/00; C23G 001/06

Research report from the Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Robert W. Parry

University of Utah:

"Calcium Fluoride was established as the major reaction taking place in the analytical date and is identified by Sharpen (electron spectrophotometer) report as an insoluble coating over the surface. The CaF2 is significantly harder than the CaCo3 originally on the surface, hence some hardening, strengthening and weather resistance is occurring as a result of the treatment with Slip Safe.

One of the major (probably the dominant) processes involved in the Slip Safe treatment is the process suggested in the earlier report – an – OH" is replaced by an-F" or an -2 is replaced by 2F" to give a new surface species. Because calcium fluoride, the product of the treatment, is insoluble it forms a protective layer over the surface of the grout and tile. In this respect Germ Guard 24hrs. from cleaners containing hydrochloric, sulfuric, citric, acids and alkaline formed from the foregoing solutions are sufficiently water soluble (i.e., CaCl-2 CaSO-4 Cash citrate, etc.) to wash off. Because slip safe contains HF and CaF2 is insoluble, CaF2 remains on the surface.

Another consequence of the generation of the CaF2, layer is the effect that it has on bacteria, or virus. Fluoride concentrated in a very thin layer on the surface will be Bactericidal, bacteriofrenic, and bacteriosatic. Separate tests conducted at Mesa Lutheran Hospital in Arizona, are reported to verify this prediction. Bacterial and viral growth on treated floors was inhibited for at least 24 hours after treatment."

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